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Scorecard: Is Your Health Insurer Restricting Access to Prescription Drugs?

New research from Dr. Kenneth E. Thorpe and Manasvini Singh of Emory University sheds light on how leading Michigan-based health insurance plans and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) compare with one another in terms of access to medicines for patients with autoimmune diseases. These patients are often among those most commonly subjected to restrictions such as step therapy. In conjunction with the release of this analysis, Let MI Doctors Decide has applied an average “grade” to each of the health plans analyzed across therapeutic areas. Click the buttons to read both the study and our accompanying resource so that you can better understand how health plans are impacting patient access to needed treatments.

Medicare Scorecard: Access Restrictions on Prescription Drugs for Michigan’s Seniors

Seniors with autoimmune diseases rely heavily upon the Medicare program. Click to read our report that grades the top 25 largest Medicare prescription drug plans in Michigan on how well they serve these patients in terms of treatment access. Often times, seniors with autoimmune diseases are met with plan restrictions when they try to get the medication they need. These restrictions include prior authorization, tiering and step therapy.

Step Therapy Explained: Heather’s Story

Meet Heather, a woman who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and forced to endure step therapy. Because of the policy, Heather had to wait five months before she could receive the medicine her doctor prescribed.


Video Series

Click below to watch our video series on step therapy, which includes a roundtable discussion and individual interviews with health care experts.

Poll Results

A recent poll conducted by Lake Research Partners found that seven out of 10 Michigan consumers have an unfavorable view of step therapy. Ninety-eight percent of these consumers believe that doctors rather than insurance companies should have the final say when it comes to treating a patient with an autoimmune disease. Click below to view the full poll results. 


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What Others Are Doing


Alliance for Patient Access 

This video produced by AfPA is a comprehensive overview of step therapy and how it harms patients. Click on the video to learn more. 

Visit AfPA's step therapy website ⇢

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National Psoriasis Foundation

NPF offers news, webinars, and general information on step therapy on its campaign website. Learn necessary facts and stats on step therapy by visiting the site.

Visit NPF's step therapy website ⇢

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Patient Advocate Foundation

PAF, an affiliate of National Patient Advocate Foundation, offers a comprehensive guide on how you can work through the complicated insurance appeals process.

Explore PAF's appeals guide ⇢